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Sakar Jivanvikas Trust is a registered charitable foundation established with a single mission to empower human beings to live in peace, harmony and joy.

Sakar has developed unique programs and projects to make a lasting contribution to people from all walks of life. The inspiration behind Sakar’s programs and values is the larger than life achievements and contribution of Sheth Shri. Harilal Ratilal Bhuta. Shri Harilal Bhuta was a silent community leader who made significant donations, extended valuable contribution and support to people. His guidance and foresight enabled the success of scores of individuals and organizations around the world.

Since 1945, Haribhai Bhuta and later his family has devoted significant time and resources to empower individuals and organizations to be more successful.

Sakar Trust is the direct result of Shri. Haribhai Bhuta’s vision and community service activities since 1945.

Sakar now conducts its activities and programs on a global scale with committed family of volunteers, leaders and trustees.

Sakar’s current activities and programs are professionally managed by different departments – each department is managed by committed department leader along with the team of volunteers and beneficiaries of the program.

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Participate in Dhyan: Empowering Silence & Alertness

Sakar fully supports current scientific research into benefits of meditation, relaxation, silence and awareness. Our success and satisfaction in life depends on PRESENCE. Our ability and practice to remain silent, peaceful and alert greatly enhances our replica rolex uk results, relationships and inner peace.

Sakar facilitates weekly meditation programs in Mumbai that are based on scientific approach to meditation. Sakar’s Rashmay Bodhi meditation program involves discussion on subjects related to spiritual practice, silent meditation and intention for world-peace. Some of the topics discussed at Rasmay Bodhi meditation program includes quantum physics, theory of relativity, neuroscience and energy sciences. .

Participate in Anand: Empowering Celebration & Joy

Sakar organizes several programs every year to empower senior citizens, cultural institutes and spiritual children to come together and perform on stage in auditorium in presence of hundreds of people. Everyone with enthusiasm is welcome to perform. Sakar’s “Dil-Ki-Suno” Celebration program helps people to live a life full of joy and self-expression!.

Participate in Prem: Empowering Loveand Care Partnership

Sakar Trust actively collaborates with selected NGOs, Spiritual Movements, Leaders and Policy Makers to empower forces of goodness, purity, divinity and peace. Sakar actively support almost half a dozen institutions engaged in providing important services to our community. Sakar extend support to Mid-day Meal Program, United Nation’s Program to reduce road accidents in India, Education for girl child, Skill development programs for rolex replica urban kids and programs to eliminate superstitions. Sakar’s support to partner NGOs cover vast spectrum of social causes and community projects. Sakar provides financial, logistics, strategic and technological assistance to partner NGOs.

Participate in Vigyan: Empowering Innovation & Foresight

Sakar Team has created several innovative and original social experiments designed to impact our society and the world. Sakar Social Experiments are scientific in design and produce measurable impact on the society. All Sakar Community Projects are designed to stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, adventure and foresight.

Sakar Team has created and delivered important report and programs on future trends and the impact new technologies will have on our world. Sakar’s programs and reports supports policy makers and business leaders to take decisions that can improve quality of life for everyone.

Sakar Team has also designed a unique skill development program for children. Sakar’s Shining Scholar program for children has been offered to children in Urban and Rural settings with equal effectiveness.

Sakar actively seeks and supports innovative ideas that can make a difference. We also provide assistance to education endeavors that have the potential to make a multiplying impact on our society. We provide assistance for mobile learning, online learning and academic courses offered on edx, coursera , udacity.

Sakar publishes books that can bring transformation in human consciousness. Sakar’s books has been well received and critically acclaimed as the source of power and inspiration

Participate in Sanskriti: Empowering arts, culture & philosophic enquiry

Sakar Foundation considers entire human race as one family or in the words of Rishis ?dhaiv Kutumbak?ning the entire earth is one family.

Human beings have lived on the planet since millennia. Some human beings have reached pinnacle of expression through arts, dance, music, philosophy, language, painting or other creative pursuit.

Sakar Foundation?nskriti Project aims to protect and enhance our shared human heritage.

Sakar supports projects related to Bharat Natayam, Kathak and other traditional Indian dance forms. We also contribute to expansion of program related to rural artisans, folk arts and paintings.