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Sakar is a proud supporter of Indian culture and Arts. Sakar programs for Arts and Culture include:

Kala-Kruti: Exhibition of handicrafts and arts items.

Vidya-Mandir: Library facility. Book-Fairs and Events to promote one-to-one meeting between author and readers.

Sanskruti: Creating and distributing product that enhances understanding of our culture.

Bala-Vikas: Children programs and cultural events.

Sakar has set-up a non-partisan cultural center “SatyugOnline” on Internet where the spirit of Indian Culture, Indian Ethos and Indian Arts can be experienced.

“SatyugOnline” Center will enable the lovers of Indian arts and culture from around the world to discover and shop the products that express the beauty and power of Indian culture.

Sakar plans to organize Indian Handicrafts and Cultural Exhibitions outside India to enable Indian artists to show-case their skills to the world.

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