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Life, Language & Culture

Culture, Community & Celebration

15 Program. 3000 People. Hundreds of senior citizen benefited.

You have unique opportunity to participate in Sakar’s popular cultural programs and perform on-stage. You can get free resources to practice singing and dancing. Hundreds of people have performed on stage and opportunity provided through the Sakar cultural program. You can also receive award, financial support, recognition & popularity through your nomination in Sakar SevaYog award program. You can volunteer your time in Bharat Vaibhav Cultural study, exams and win prizes. Watch Sakar’s inspiring cultural videos online on Youtube.

Key Highlights:

1) Dil Ki Suno
2) Life Celebration Group
3) SevaYog Awards
4) Bharat Vaibhav Cultural Study, Exams & Prizes
5) Cultural Programs & Videos
6) Media Reports

Your Benefits:

  • Participate in songs, dance & celebration program.
  • Perform on stage, get featured on Sakar Youtube & Digital Media
  • Understand the message of Indian scriptures & culture.
  • Bharat Vaibhav Cultural Promotion Plan

Program Statistics & Milestone:

As of Feb-2020, Sakar has achieved following milestones

1) Organized over 15 large cultural programs attended by over 3000 people & helped hundreds of senior citizens to perform on stage in Sakar’s Dil Ki Suno (DKS) program.
2) Organized hundreds of life celebration group sessions that helped senior citizen to receive free training in singing and dancing.
3) Encouraged & awarded several NGOs by honoring them with SevaYog award and financial support.