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Rasmay Bodhi Program

Participate in Dhyan: Empowering Silence & Alertness :

Sakar fully supports current scientific research into benefits of meditation, relaxation, silence and awareness. Our success and satisfaction in life depends on PRESENCE. Our ability and practice to remain silent, peaceful and alert greatly enhances our replica rolex uk results, relationships and inner peace.

Sakar facilitates weekly meditation programs in Mumbai that are based on scientific approach to meditation. Sakar’s Rashmay Bodhi meditation program involves discussion on subjects related to spiritual practice, silent meditation and intention for world-peace. Some of the topics discussed at Rasmay Bodhi meditation program includes quantum physics, theory of relativity, neuroscience and energy sciences.

Dil Ki Suno

Participate in Anand: Empowering Celebration & Joy

Sakar organizes several programs every year to empower senior citizens, cultural institutes and spiritual children to come together and perform on stage in auditorium in presence of hundreds of people. Everyone with enthusiasm is welcome to perform. Sakar’s “Dil-Ki-Suno” Celebration program helps people to live a life full of joy and self-expression!.

Science of Success :

Science of Success is an outstanding program based on latest discovery on neuro-science. This program helps you to be effective in using your brain for most effective performance.

Design Your Life:

Design Your Life (DyL) is a special program designed for youngsters and teenagers. This program allows young people to take control of their life and design their own life in a way that inspires them.

Aarogya Aahar Divas

Arogya Adar Programs are unique program to share latest scientific discoveries in medical science that can support and empower people.