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Health - 440 Programs. Over 100,000 People Benefited

You can use Sakar resources & programs for enhancing individual and family health. You can attend Sakar’s Rasmay Bodhi Meditation program in-person or participate in an online program. You can receive free consultation & support from Sakar Parivar for enhancing energy, reversing disease & improving fitness level. You can also use Sakar research, videos and policy plan to improve health for individuals or groups. You can participate in Sakar health shibirs & learn the secrets of lifelong success. You can also practice Sakar’s Scientific And Fun Eating (SAFE) Diet plan to maintain a high level of fitness and energy.

Key Highlights:

1) Rasmay Bodhi Program
2) Arogya Adar Divas
3) SAFE Diet, Health Reports, Health Videos
4) Health Research, Policy & Petition
5) Health Shibirs
6) Media Reports

Your Benefits:

  • Free guidance & effective meditation training to achieve higher level of peace, relaxation.
  • Scientific and effective diet for expanded level of energy and disease reversal
  • Free access to health reports, videos, research, policy and petition
  • Invitation to participate in health shibirs

Program Statistics & Milestone:

As of Feb-2020, Sakar’s Health Team has achieved following milestones:

1) Successfully organized 425 Rasmay Bodhi Program ensuring almost 20,000 human hours of peace, relaxation.
2) Helped over 2000 people through 5 Arogya Adar Divas program and dozens of Health Shibirs.
3) Created dozens of health videos, reports and research documents helping tens of thousands of people.
4) Prepared & sent Diabetes Reversal Petition & Scientific material to Government of India. Received response from Prime Minister Of India & Health Ministry.