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Public Policy & Public Assets

Sakar’s Public Policy team deals with creation of public policies, raising public awareness and creation of social assets for general public & social use. Sakar has used vast intellectual and technological resources to produce effective reports, documents and policy papers to guide creation of public policy with regards to technology, healthcare, education & culture. Sakar has also donated resources towards the creation of public assets like gardens, school reconstruction, toilet blocks, training centers etc..

Key Highlights:

1) Diabetes Reversal Policy Proposal
2) Foresight 2020, Foresight 2030 technology trends
3) Technology Policy Suggestions on Blockchain, AI, IoT, 5G etc..
4) Creation of Public Assets

Your Benefits:

Receive Sakar’s well-researched thoughtful ideas on public policy.
Participate in public policy making by contributing your ideas.
Shape the future of the world by suggesting important policies.

Program Statistics & Milestone:

As of Feb-2020, Sakar has achieved following milestones

1) Submitted dozens of public policy papers to Government of India, FICCI and several state Government.
2) Created clear roadmap of technology trends and future scenarios.
3) Helped hundreds of business owners and policy makers through research reports.