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Thank you for being part of Sakar Book Reading & Discussion Group. We extend a warm invitation to share your reviews, insights & experiences after reading books published by Sakar Trust. Join us on Sunday, 3-Jan-2020 from 10:00 PM to 10:45 PM India time.

👉 Sakar has published 6 books so far:-

  1. ✅Mindful Life
  2. ✅Mindful Business
  3. ✅Work-Book For Success
  4. ✅The Ultimate Unity
  5. ✅The Sacred Message
  6. ✅I See God In You

As a member of Sakar Book Reading Group, you will get FREE access to digital copies of these books. You can share Book Request Link to interested family & friends. We will also provide your family & friends with the link to download the book. They are also welcome to join Sakar Book Reader’s Group.

In Sakar Book Reading Zoom meeting on Sunday, 3-Jan-2020, we will listen to your ideas on:

1) What did you find as the most valuable ideas & insight from the books published by Sakar.
2) You can share key practical benefits you received by reading Mindful Business, Mindful Life and others books of Sakar.
3) You can read paragraphs or page that you found most interesting & valuable.
4) You can also share any new experiences, benefits and results you got out of reading the book.
5) You can share how your actions, life and worldview is altered after reading these valuable books.

We thank you for your interest in expanding your wisdom, your happiness & your commitment to use Sakar Resources for moving forward in your life’s journey.

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Meeting ID: 859 5443 8379
Passcode: 845371