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About Us

Sakar Jivanvikas Trust (Sakar or Sakar Foundation) is a distinguished organization which has received critical acclaim from senior leaders & experts for its innovative contributions to healthcare, education, human empowerment & promotion of cultural values.

Along with its innovative projects & programs, Sakar also provides financial, logistics, technological and administration support to its partner organizations, educational institutions and Govt. departments to enhance the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Sakar does not charge any fees for any of its programs. Sakar does not accept any donation, sponsorship, grants or any sort of membership fees. No company or individual is permitted to advertise or market any products or services to Sakar participants.

Sakar is registered public charitable trust organized as per the laws of India.

Awards & Acknowledgement :

Sakar has received several recognition, acknowledgement from senior leaders for its contribution and innovation. Some of the key acknowledgement that Sakar has received are :

  • Letter from Prime Minister of India’s office acknowledging Sakar’s petition for Diabetes-Free India.
  • Award and Citation received for its work on Healthcare.
  • Appreciation from India’s Member of Parliament, State Government Cabinet Minister Rank MLC, senior business leaders.
  • Appreciation from senior doctors acknowledging Sakar’s pivotal role in Healthcare innovation.
  • Appreciation for Sakar’s programs for Senior Citizen.


Leading Role In Important Projects :

Sakar Plays leading and critical role in important missions and projects that directly impact the quality of life on our planet. Earth is our home and humanity is one family. Our survival and progress depends on our ability to live together in healthy, happy and harmonious manner. Sakar has played leading role in shaping important ideas and trends of our time.

  • Effective Healthcare Research & petition for Diabetes-Free India & Diabetes-Free World.
  • Scientific understanding & practice of Meditation for Empowerment & Health.
  • Promotion Of Celebration As a Lifestyle Choice for senior citizens.
  • Empowering & Supporting Youth to Design Life of their Dreams & Aspirations.
  • Supporting distinguished NGOs and Partners.


Media Reports :

Since its founding, Sakar has consistently been featured in leading newspapers and magazines for its high-quality, high-impact projects, programs and campaigns. Global print and electronic media has taken note of Sakar’s contribution and repeatedly acknowledged Sakar for making a difference.

  • Print media reports on Sakar’s Sunday Empowerment & Meditation Program.
  • Print media reports on Sakar’s important projects & milestones.
  • Tweets, Blogs, Articles about Sakar.
  • Special reports on Sakar Events.
  • Website links of important Sakar news resources.


Letter Of Support & Appreciations :

Sakar’s programs & ideas have made positive impact on range of individuals and institutions. These accomplished individuals & outstanding institutions have shared their endorsement of Sakar through letter of support and appreciation.

  • Appreciation letter and email for Sakar Books.
  • Letters from educational institutions for Sakar Projects & Programs.
  • Letters from leading charitable foundations.
  • Video report and feedback from program participants.
  • Video report from senior leaders.


Original Contribution & Innovation :

Sakar has made several original contributions in the field of Healthcare, Human Empowerment, Career Design, Life Celebration & Promotion of cultural values. Sakar’s original contribution has received wide spread appreciation from scholars and experts.

  • Sakar Diabetes Petition.
  • Specially created Sakar Video in Hindi.
  • Sakar books and summary on healthy living, disease reversal
  • Sakar Rasmay Bodhi Program video on Human Empowerment.
  • Sakar Dil Ki Suno Celebration Programs.


Sakar Team :

Founder - Hiten Bhuta

Hiten Bhuta is the Founder, Chief Mentor and Faculty of Sakar Trust. Hiten Bhuta is an entrepreneur, international business leader, technology expert, author and global leader committed to world peace.

After his first experience of the beauty of meditation at the age of 15, Hiten experienced irresistible urge for spiritual study & practice. Hiten’s intense spiritual quest led him to participate in arduous programs like Enlightenment Intensive by Barbara Szepan, silent Vipassana Meditation under SN Goenkaji, Mastery & Leadership by Werner Erhard (Creator EST and Landmark) & Reiki Master’s Program. Hiten also participated in Core Empowerment & Core Abundance Training by Paul Horan, Landmark Forum, Advance Course, Meditation programs at Osho Resort Pune, programs at the Art Of Living campus in Bangalore and intensely practiced yoga, meditation, self-enquiry methods. He also participated in past life regression programs, Excursion, Advance Excursion and Gateway Voyage program offered by the Monroe Institute. Hiten is a lifelong, disciplined practitioner of yoga, meditation, prayer & self-enquiry.

Since 2008, Hiten has created and offered more hundreds of Rasmay Bodhi programs that help participants to have direct experience peace and joy. As a science graduate, Hiten has clear scientific understanding of quantum physics, nature of time, space, theory of relativity, neuroscience and astronomy. Hiten’s first book “I See God In You” encourages us to recognize the divinity in others. Sakar Jivanvikas Trust inspired by him has contributed to the lives of more than 100,000 people.

Hiten has served as visiting faculty member at IIT-Bombay, Thakur College & other institutions in India. After completing, B.E. in electronics from Somaiya College in 1992, Hiten participated studied at IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahemdabad and faculty from Harvard Business School.

In 1995, Hiten founded CGS Infotech – a company currently serving 5000 clients in 40 countries & having partnership with companies such as Google, IBM, Godaddy. In Sept 2014, Hiten received Certificate Of Appreciation from Consulate General of USA for the contribution he has made to India-US trade and technology transfer.

Hiten is serving as National Committee Member for IT for India’s Premier Chamber of Commerce FICCI. In May 2012, Hiten represented India at Indo-Arab Convention which was attended by foreign ministers and business leaders of top-10 Arab nations.