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We are all connected :

As human beings, we often experience ourselves as separate, disconnected and alienated. This is just our illusion. We are intimately connected with the web of life.

Change is Permanent :

Human beings fantasize for a time to *make-it* in life, when everything will finally work out and there will be nothing more to do or nothing to change. Change is Existence. In fact, when we use the word “Existence” it means “Change”. There is nothing stationary, steady, unchanging existence. Everything that changes, exists. Everything that exists, changes. Entire universe is in motion - changing at all levels. Change cannot be stopped.

You, Existence is unknowable mystery :

With advances in knowledge and science, we believe sometime we will know ourselves and existence. Our knowledge is simply some symbols stored in brain. These symbols cannot capture the unfathomable beauty and mystery of your existence and of existence itself. When you stop the drive to know, you can be with and live with, unknowable mystery.