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About Us

Awards & Acknowledgement :

Sakar has received several recognition, acknowledgement from senior leaders for its contribution and innovation. Some of the key acknowledgement that Sakar has received are :

  • Letter from Prime Minister of India’s office acknowledging Sakar’s petition for Diabetes-Free India.
  • Award and Citation received for its work on Healthcare.
  • Appreciation from India’s Member of Parliament, State Government Cabinet Minister Rank MLC, senior business leaders.
  • Appreciation from senior doctors acknowledging Sakar’s pivotal role in Healthcare innovation.
  • Appreciation for Sakar’s programs for Senior Citizen.

Media Reports :

Since its founding, Sakar has consistently been featured in leading newspapers and magazines for its high-quality, high-impact projects, programs and campaigns. Global print and electronic media has taken note of Sakar’s contribution and repeatedly acknowledged Sakar for making a difference.

  • Print media reports on Sakar’s Sunday Empowerment & Meditation Program.
  • Print media reports on Sakar’s important projects & milestones.
  • Tweets, Blogs, Articles about Sakar.
  • Special reports on Sakar Events.
  • Website links of important Sakar news resources.

Original Contribution & Innovation :

Sakar has made several original contributions in the field of Healthcare, Human Empowerment, Career Design, Life Celebration & Promotion of cultural values. Sakar’s original contribution has received wide spread appreciation from scholars and experts.

  • Sakar Diabetes Petition.
  • Specially created Sakar Video in Hindi.
  • Sakar books and summary on healthy living, disease reversal
  • Sakar Rasmay Bodhi Program video on Human Empowerment.
  • Sakar Dil Ki Suno Celebration Programs.